36 CFR § 7.5 - Mount Rainier National Park.

§ 7.5 Mount Rainier National Park.

(a) Fishing.

(1) Fishing closures and restrictions are established by the Superintendent based on management objectives for the preservation of the park's natural resources.

(2) The Superintendent may establish closures and restrictions, in accordance with the criteria and procedures of § 1.5 of this chapter, on any activity pertaining to fishing, including, but not limited to species of fish that may be taken, seasons and hours during which fishing may take place, methods of taking, and size, creel, and possession limits.

(3) Except in emergency situations, the Superintendent will notify the public of any such closures or restrictions through one or more methods listed in § 1.7 of this chapter, including publication in the Superintendent's Compendium (or written compilation) of discretionary actions referred to § 1.7(b).

(4) Fishing in closed waters or violating a condition or restriction established by the Superintendent under this paragraph (a) is prohibited.

(b) Climbing and hiking.

(1) Registration with the Superintendent is required prior to and upon return from any climbing or hiking on glaciers or above the normal high camps such as Camp Muir and Camp Schurman.

(2) A person under 18 years of age must have permission of his parent or legal guardian before climbing above the normal high camps.

(3) A party traveling above the high camps must consist of a minimum of two persons unless prior permission for a solo climb has been obtained from the Superintendent. The Superintendent will consider the following points when reviewing a request for a solo climb: The weather prediction for the estimated duration of the climb, and the likelihood of new snowfall, sleet, fog , or hail along the route, the feasibility of climbing the chosen route because of normal inherent hazards, current route conditions, adequacy of equipment and clothing, and qualifying experience necessary for the route contemplated.

(c) Backcountry Camping—(1) Backcountry camping permits required. No person or group of persons traveling together may camp in the backcountry without a valid backcountry camping permit. Permits may be issued to each permittee or to the leader of the group for a group of persons. The permit must be attached to the pack or camping equipment of each permittee in a clearly visible location. No person may camp in any location other than that designated in the permit for a given date.

(2) Group size limitations. Groups exceeding five persons must camp at a group site, but groups may not exceed twelve persons. The Superintendent may, however,

(i) Waive group size limitations on routes in the climbing zone when he determines that it will not result in environmental degradation; and

(ii) Establish special zones and group size limitations during the winter season to balance the impact of cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and snowmobilers on the resource.

(d) Snowmobile use—(1) Designated routes.

(i) That portion of the West Side Road south of Round Pass.

(ii) The Mather Memorial Parkway (State Route 410) from its intersection with the White River Road north to the park boundary.

(iii) The White River Road from its intersection with the Mather Memorial Parkway to the White River Campground.

(iv) The Cougar Rock Campground road system.

(v) The Stevens Canyon Road from Stevens Canyon Entrance to the Stevens Canyon Road tunnel at Box Canyon.

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