36 CFR § 7.52 - Cedar Breaks National Monument.

§ 7.52 Cedar Breaks National Monument.


(1) During periods when snow depth prevents regular vehicular travel in the Monument, snowmobiling will be permitted on the main Monument road and parking areas from the south boundary to the north boundary and on the Panguitch Lake road from its junction with the main Monument road east to the east park boundary. In addition, the paved walkway from the Visitor Center parking lot to the Point Supreme overlook is also open for snowmobile travel.

(2) On roads designated for snowmobile use, only that portion of the road or parking area intended for other motor vehicle use may be used by snowmobile. Such roadway is available for snowmobile use only when the designated road or parking area is closed by snow depth to all other motor vehicle use by the public. These routes will be marked by signs, snow poles, or other appropriate means.

The park Superintendent shall determine the opening and closing dates for use of designated snowmobile routes each year. Routes will be open to snowmobile travel when they are considered to be safe for travel but not necessarily free of safety hazards.

(3)Snowmobile use outside designated routes is prohibited. This prohibition shall not apply to emergency administrative travel by employees of the National Park Service or its contractors or concessioners or law enforcement agencies.

(b) [Reserved]

[49 FR 29375, July 20, 1984]