36 CFR § 7.79 - Amistad Recreation Area.

§ 7.79 Amistad Recreation Area.


(1)Hunting is allowed at times and locations designated as open for hunting.

(2) The hunting season and species allowed to be taken will be designated on an annual basis by the superintendent.

(3) Deer, javelina, and turkey may be taken only by long bow and arrow. Water fowl and game birds may be taken only by shotguns and bird shot. The use of all other weapons for hunting is prohibited.

(b)Fishing. Unless otherwise designated, fishing in a manner authorized under applicable State law is allowed.

(c)Personal Watercraft (PWC).

(1) PWCs are allowed within Amistad National Recreation Area with the following exceptions:

(i) The following areas are closed to PWC use:

(A) Hidden Cave Cove (where marked by buoys), located on the Rio Grande.

(B) Painted Canyon (where marked by buoys), located on the Rio Grande.

(C) Seminole Canyon, starting 0.5 miles from the mouth of the Rio Grande.

(D) Government coves at Diablo East and Rough Canyon to include the water and shoreline to the top of the ridge/property line.

(E) All terrestrial cave and karst features.

(F) The Lower Rio Grande area below Amistad Dam.

(G) The water area extending 1000 feet out from the concrete portion of Amistad Dam.

(ii) PWC are prohibited from landing on any island posted as closed.

(2) The Superintendent may temporarily limit, restrict or terminate access to the areas designated for PWC use after taking into consideration public health and safety, natural and cultural resource protection, and other management activities and objectives.

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