36 CFR § 7.92 - Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

§ 7.92 Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

(a) Aircraft-designated airstrip.

(1) Fort Smith landing strip, located at approximate latitude 45°19′ N., approximate longitude 107°55′41″ W. in the S 1/2S 1/2SE 1/4 sec. 8, and the S 1/2SW 1/4SW 1/4 sec. 9, T. 6 S., R. 31 E., Montana Principal Meridian.

(2) [Reserved]

(b) Snowmobiles.

(1) Designated routes to be open to snowmobile use: On the west side of Bighorn Lake, beginning immediately east of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Residence on the Pond 5 road northeast to the Kane Cemetery. North along the main traveled road past Mormon Point, Jim Creek, along the Big Fork Canal, crossing said canal and terminating on the south shore of Horseshoe Bend, and the marked lakeshore access roads leading off this main route to Mormon Point, north and south mouth of Jim Creek, South Narrows, and the lakeshore road between Mormon Point and the south mouth of Jim Creek. On the east side of Bighorn Lake beginning at the junction of U.S. Highway 14A and the John Blue road, northerly on the John Blue road to the first road to the left, on said road in a westerly direction to its terminus at the shoreline of Bighorn Lake. All frozen lake surfaces are closed to snowmobiling.

(2) On roads designated for snowmobile use only that portion of the road or parking area intended for other motor vehicle use may be used by snowmobiles. Such roadway is available for snowmobile use only when the designated road or parking area is closed by snow depth to all other motor vehicles used by the public. These routes will be marked by signs, snow poles or other appropriate means. The superintendent shall determine the opening and closing dates for use of designated snowmobile routes each year. Routes will be open to snowmobile travel when they are considered to be safe for travel but not necessarily free of safety hazards. Snowmobiles may travel in these areas with the permission of the superintendent, but at their own risk.

(3) Snowmobile use outside designated routes is prohibited.

(c) Fishing. Unless otherwise designated, fishing in any manner authorized under applicable State law is allowed.

(d) Personal Watercraft (PWC).

(1) PWC use is allowed in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, except in the following areas:

(i) In the gated area south of Yellowtail Dam's west side to spillway entrance works and Bighorn River from Yellowtail Dam to cable 3,500 feet north.

(ii) At Afterbay Dam from fenced areas on west side of dam up to the dam.

(iii) In Afterbay Lake, the area between dam intake works and buoy/cable line 100 feet west.

(iv) At Government docks as posted.

(v) At the Ok-A-Beh gas dock, except for customers.

(vi) From Yellowtail Dam upstream to the log boom.

(vii) In Bighorn Lake and shoreline south of the area known as the South Narrows (legal description R94W, T57N at the SE corner of Section 6, the SW corner of Section 5, the NE corner of Section 7, and the NW corner of Section 8). Personal watercraft users are required to stay north of the boundary delineated by park installed buoys.

(2) The Superintendent may temporarily limit, restrict, or terminate access to the areas designated for PWC use after taking into consideration public health and safety, natural and cultural resource protection, and other management activities and objectives.

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