36 CFR § 71.5 - Golden Eagle Passport.

§ 71.5 Golden Eagle Passport.

(a) The Golden Eagle Passport is an annual permit, valid on a calendar-year basis, for admission to any Designated Entrance Fee Area. The charge for the Golden Eagle Passport shall be $10. The annual Golden Eagle Passport shall be nontransferable and the unlawful use thereof shall be punishable in the manner described in § 71.12 of this part.

(b) The Golden Eagle Passport shall admit the permittee and any persons accompany him in a single, private, noncommercial vehicle, or alternatively, the permittee and his spouse, children, and parents accompanying him where entry to the area is by any means other than private, noncommercial vehicle, to Designated Entrance Fee Areas. Golden Eagle Passport coverage does not include a permittee and his spouse, children, or parents entering a Designated Entrance Fee Area in two separate, private, noncommercial vehicles. In this case, only the vehicle with the permittee shall be covered by the Passport. The persons in the second vehicle shall be subject to the single-visit entrance fee requirement.

(1) “Private, noncommercial vehicle,” for the purpose of this part, shall include any passenger car, station wagon, pickup camper truck, motorcycle, or other motor vehicle which is used for private recreation purposes.

(2) “Accompanying,” for the purpose of this section, shall be defined as coming immediately with (at the same time) and entering together with (in physical proximity).

(c) The annual Golden Eagle Passport does not authorize the use of any Designated Recreation Use Facility for which a recreation use fee is charged or any Special Recreation Permit Use for which a special recreation permit fee is charged.

(d) The annual Golden Eagle Passport shall be for sale at all Designated Entrance Fee Areas of the National Park Service, at the National Park Service headquarters, Washington, D.C., and at the Park Service field offices.