36 CFR § 902.31 - Access, inspection and copying.

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§ 902.31 Access, inspection and copying.

(a)Records listed in § 902.30(a), are available for inspection and copying by any person at the Corporation's office, 1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Suite 1220 North, Washington, DC 20004. Facilities for inspection and copying shall be open to the public every workday.

(b)Records listed in § 902.30(a), that are published and offered for sale, shall be indexed as required under § 902.13, and shall be available for public inspection. Records offered for sale will not be copied by the Corporation for the requester without the approval of the Administrative Officer.

(c)Records listed in § 902.30(a) are subject to subpart F of this part and access may be restricted by the Corporation in accordance with that subpart. A refusal to disclose may be appealed by the requester under the provisions of subpart H of this part.

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