36 CFR § 910.18 - Vehicular circulation and storage systems.

§ 910.18 Vehicular circulation and storage systems.

(a) Improvement of the existing vehicular storage and circulation system is necessary in order to create the balanced transportation system called for in the Plan, which recognizes the need to maintain air quality, to encourage the use of mass transit, and to provide sufficient off-street parking and loading to make development economically viable.

(b) The general policies of the Corporation are as follows:

(1) To reduce impedance to traffic movement created by service vehicles by requiring well-integrated off-street loading facilities in terms of location of loading berths and access points on a block-by-block basis;

(2) To control the number of vehicles in the Development Area by limiting the number of parking spaces per development; and

(3) To encourage the use of public transportation by linking new development to transit stops through the system of pedestrian ways.

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