38 CFR § 1.518 - Addresses of claimants.

§ 1.518 Addresses of claimants.

(a) It is the general policy of the Department of Veterans Affairs to refuse to furnish addresses from its records to persons who desire such information for debt collection, canvassing, harassing or for propaganda purposes.

(b) The address of a Department of Veterans Affairs claimant as shown by Department of Veterans Affairs files may be furnished to:

(1) Duly constituted police or court officials upon official request and the submission of a certified copy either of the indictment returned against the claimant or of the warrant issued for his or her arrest.

(2) Police, other law enforcement agencies, or Federal, State, county, or city welfare agencies upon official written request showing that the purpose of the request is to locate a parent who has deserted his or her child or children and that other reasonable efforts to obtain an address have failed. The address will not be released when such disclosure would be prejudicial to the mental or physical health of the claimant. When an address is furnished it will be accompanied by the stipulation that it is furnished on a confidential basis and may not be disclosed to any other individual or agency.

(c) When an address is requested that may not be furnished under §§ 1.500 through 1.526, the person making the request will be informed that a letter, or in those cases involving judicial actions, the process or notice in judicial proceedings, enclosed in an unsealed envelope showing no return address, with the name of the addressee thereon, and bearing sufficient postage to cover mailing costs will be forwarded by the Department of Veterans Affairs. If a request indicates that judicial action is involved in which a process or notice in judicial proceedings is required to be forwarded, the Department of Veterans Affairs will inform the person who requests the forwarding of such a document that the envelope must bear sufficient postage to cover costs of mailing and certified or registered mailing fees, including cost of obtaining receipt for the certified or registered mail when transmission by this type special mail is desired. At the time the letter, process, or notice in judicial proceedings is forwarded, the facility's return address will be placed on the envelope. When the receipt for certified or registered mail or the undelivered envelope is returned to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the original sender will be notified thereof: However, the receipt or the envelope will be retained by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This provision will be applicable only when it does not interfere unduly with the functions of the Service or division concerned. In no event will letters be forwarded to aid in the collection of debts or for the purpose of canvassing, harassing, or propaganda. Neither will a letter be forwarded if the contents could be harmful to the physical or mental health of the recipient.

(d) Subject to the conditions set forth in § 1.922, the Department of Veterans Affairs may disclose to consumer reporting agencies information contained in a debtor's claims folder. Such information may include the debtor's name and/or address, Department of Veterans Affairs file number, Social Security number, and date of birth.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 5701(g))
[33 FR 10516, July 24, 1968 and 35 FR 5176, Mar. 27, 1970, as amended at 46 FR 62059, Dec. 22, 1981]