38 CFR § 14.666 - Regional Counsel responsibility.

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§ 14.666 Regional Counsel responsibility.

(a) The Regional Counsel having jurisdiction will conduct such additional investigation as is deemed necessary to establish all facts required. If the claimant has a potential claim for indemnification against other than the United States, the Regional Counsel will ascertain that a suitable assignment, legally enforceable, of all right and title to such claim, to the extent the United States makes reimbursement, and the agreement of the claimant to furnish such evidence as may be necessary to pursue such claim is of record. If such potential claim is against a carrier or insurer, the Regional Counsel will ascertain that claimant has filed a timely proper claim against the carrier or insurer and review same for legal sufficiency.

(b) The Regional Counsel having jurisdiction over a claim will not authorize payment thereon unless the requirement of §§ 14.664 through 14.667 are met. In determining the equitable value of a claim, the depreciation schedule issued by the General Counsel will be used as a guide.

[42 FR 41422, Aug. 17, 1977]