38 CFR § 14.706 - Legal services in behalf of beneficiaries.

§ 14.706 Legal services in behalf of beneficiaries.

(a) The Regional Counsel may furnish legal services in behalf of minor and incompetent beneficiaries of the Department of Veterans Affairs in fiduciary appointment and estate administration matters involving Department of Veterans Affairs benefits or property derived therefrom when the beneficiary's estate or income is not sufficient to justify the employment of an attorney.

(b) The Regional Counsel may also furnish legal services in hardship situations when restoration from legal disability is a condition of precedent to direct payment of Department of Veterans Affairs benefits.

(c) Where the fiduciary does not in due course institute the necessary action to terminate the trust relationship and the beneficiary requests representation by the Regional Counsel or in any such case where there is in question the proper administration of the estate, the Regional Counsel may file the necessary action and supply legal services. Costs, unless assessed against the fiduciary, should be charged to the estate of the beneficiary.