38 CFR § 17.528 - Application.

§ 17.528 Application.

(a) General. A complete application for the SELRP consists of a completed application form, letters of reference, and personal statement.

(b) References. The applicant must provide the following letters of reference and sign a release of information form for VA to contact such references:

(1) One letter of reference from the Program Director of the core program in which the applicant is training, which indicates that the applicant is in good to excellent standing, or, for individuals who have yet to initiate training, a letter of reference from a faculty member or dean;

(2) One or more letters of reference from faculty members under which the applicant trained; and

(3) One letter of reference from a peer colleague who is familiar with the practice and character of the applicant.

(c) Personal statement. The personal statement must include the following documentation:

(1) A cover letter that provides the following information:

(i) Why the applicant is interested in VA employment;

(ii) The applicant's interest in working at a particular medical specialty and underserved area;

(iii) Likely career goals, including career goals in VA; and

(iv) A brief summary of past employment or training and accomplishments, including any particular clinical areas of interest (e.g., substance abuse).

(2) The following information must be provided on a VA form or online collection system and is subject to VA verification:

(i) A summary of the applicant's educational loan, which includes the total loan amount and when the loan was acquired. The educational loan must be specific to the education that was required and used to qualify the applicant for appointment as a physician.

(ii) The name of the lending agency that provided the educational loan.

(3) A full curriculum vitae.

(The Office of Management and Budget has approved the information collection requirements in this section under control number XXXX-XXXX.)