38 CFR § 18b.74 - Oral argument to the reviewing authority.

§ 18b.74 Oral argument to the reviewing authority.

(a) If any party desires to argue a case orally on exceptions or replies to exceptions to an initial or recommended decision, the party shall make such request in writing. The reviewing authority may grant or deny such requests in his or her discretion. If granted, the reviewing authority will serve notice of oral argument on all parties. The notice will set forth the order of presentation, the amount of time allotted, and the time and place for argument. The names of persons who will argue should be filed with the agency hearing clerk not later than 7 days before the date set for oral argument.

(b) The purpose of oral argument is to emphasize and clarify the written argument in the briefs. Reading at length from the brief or other texts is not favored. Participants should confine their arguments to points of controlling importance and to points upon which exceptions have been filed. Consolidations of appearances at oral argument by parties taking the same side will permit the parties' interests to be presented more effectively in the time allotted.

(c) Pamphlets, charts, and other written material may be presented at oral argument only if such material is limited to facts already in the record and is served on all parties and filed with the Department hearing clerk at least 7 days before the argument.

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