38 CFR § 21.400 - Veterans' Advisory Committee on Rehabilitation.

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§ 21.400 Veterans' Advisory Committee on Rehabilitation.

(a) General. The Secretary shall appoint an advisory committee to be known as the Veterans' Advisory Committee on Rehabilitation.

(b) Purpose. The purposes of the Veterans' Advisory Committee on Rehabilitation, hereafter referred to as the committee, are to:

(1) Assess the rehabilitation needs of service and nonservice-disabled veterans; and

(2) Review the programs and activities of VA designed to meet such needs;

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3121(c))

(c) Members. The committee shall include:

(1) Members of the general public;

(2) Appropriate representation of veterans with service-connected disabilities; and

(3) Persons who have distinguished themselves in the public and private sectors in the fields of rehabilitation, and employment and training programs.

(d) Members terms. The Secretary shall appoint members of the committee for three-year terms. Members may be reappointed for additional three-year terms.

(e) Chairperson. The Secretary will designate one of the members of the committee to chair the committee.

(f) Ex-officio members. The committee shall also include ex-officio members named by the following agencies. The ex-officio members shall include one representative from:

(1) The Veterans Health Services and Research Administration;

(2) The Veterans Benefits Administration;

(3) The Rehabilitation Services Administration and one from the National Institute for Handicapped Research of the Department of Education; and

(4) The Assistant Secretary of Labor for Veterans' Employment of the Department of Labor.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3121(a))