38 CFR § 21.446 - Scoring and selection.

§ 21.446 Scoring and selection.

(a) Scoring. VA will score only complete applications received from eligible entities by the deadline established in the NOFA. VA will score applications using the following criteria:

(1) Project description. Applicant identifies and describes an intervention that is designed to improve employment outcomes for Veterans with service-connected disabilities through a PFS agreement and demonstrates with strong evidence the ability of the intervention to meet objectives. Project description should explain and justify the need for the intervention, and include concept, size and scope of the project, and the Veteran population to be served.

(2) Project partnership. Applicant provides a description of the partnership and the level of partnership (full, partial, or none) attained at the time of application.

(3) Work plan and budget. Applicant provides a work plan that describes in detail the timeline for the tasks outlined in the project description and proposed milestones. Applicant provides a budget that specifies amount of outcome payments and indirect and other relevant costs.

(4) Expertise and capacity. Applicant provides evidence of its past experience with PFS or other social finance strategies or experience administering programs that serve Veterans with disabilities, and of its ability and capacity to successfully administer the project.

(5) Match. Applicant provides evidence of secured cash matching (1:1) funds or of its ability to secure or commitments to receive such funds.

(b) Selection of recipients. All complete applications from eligible entities will be scored using the criteria in paragraph (a) of this section and ranked in order from highest to lowest total score. NOFA announcements may also clarify the selection criteria in paragraph (a). The relative weight (point value) for each selection criterion will be specified in the NOFA. Point values will be assigned according to the criterion's importance in ensuring the successful development and implementation of a VEPFS project. VA will award any VEPFS grant on the primary basis of scores but will also consider a risk assessment evaluation.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3119)