38 CFR § 3.1007 - Hospitalized incompetent veterans.

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§ 3.1007 Hospitalized incompetent veterans.

Where an award of disability pension for an incompetent veteran without dependents was reduced under § 3.551(b) because of hospitalization, institutional or domiciliary care by the Department of Veterans Affairs, or an award of disability pension, compensation or emergency officers' retirement pay was discontinued under former § 3.557(b) (as applicable prior to December 27, 2001) because the veteran was hospitalized by the United States or a political subdivision and had an estate which equaled or exceeded the statutory maximum, and the veteran dies before payment of amounts withheld or not paid by reason of such care, no part of such amount will be paid to any person. The provisions of this section are applicable to amounts withheld for periods prior to as well as subsequent to the rating of incompetency. The term dies before payment includes cases in which a check was issued and the veteran died before negotiating the check.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 5503)
[39 FR 30349, Aug. 22, 1974, as amended at 66 FR 48561, Sept. 21, 2001; 68 FR 34543, June 10, 2003]