38 CFR § 3.458 - Veteran's benefits not apportionable.

§ 3.458 Veteran's benefits not apportionable.

Veteran's benefits will not be apportioned:

(a) Where the total benefit payable to the disabled person does not permit payment of a reasonable amount to any apportionee.

(b) Where the spouse of the disabled person has been found guilty of conjugal infidelity by a court having proper jurisdiction.

(c) For purported or legal spouse of the veteran if it has been determined that he or she has lived with another person and held herself or himself out openly to the public to be the spouse of such other person, except where such relationship was entered into in good faith with a reasonable basis (for example trickery on the part of the veteran) for the spouse believing that the marriage to the veteran was legally terminated. No apportionment to the spouse will thereafter be made unless there has been a reconciliation and later estrangement.

(d) Where the child of the disabled person has been legally adopted by another person.

(e) Where a child enters the active military, air, or naval service, any additional amount will be paid to the veteran unless such child is included in an existing apportionment to an estranged spouse. No adjustment in the apportioned award will be made based on the child's entry into service.


(1) For the spouse, child, father or mother of a disabled veteran, where forfeiture was declared prior to September 2, 1959, if the dependent is determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs to have been guilty of mutiny, treason, sabotage, or rendering assistance to an enemy of the United States or its allies.

(2) For any dependent of a disabled veteran, or surviving spouse where forfeiture of benefits by a person primarily entitled was declared after September 1, 1959, by reason of fraud, treasonable acts, or subversive activities.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 6103(b); 6104(c); 6105(a))

(g) Until the estranged spouse of a veteran files claim for an apportioned share. If there are any children of the veteran not in his or her custody an apportionment will not be authorized unless and until a claim for an apportioned share is filed in their behalf.

Cross References:

Child. See § 3.57. Child adopted out of family. See § 3.58.

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