38 CFR § 36.4282 - Legal proceedings (notice of repossession).

§ 36.4282 Legal proceedings (notice of repossession).

(a) When the holder institutes suit or otherwise becomes a party in any legal or equitable proceeding brought on or in connection with the guaranteed indebtedness, or involving title to, or other lien on, the security, such holder, within the time that would be required if the Secretary were a party to the proceeding, shall deliver to the Secretary, by mail or otherwise, by making such delivery to the loan guaranty officer at the office which granted the guaranty, or other office to which the holder has been notified the file is transferred, a copy of every procedural paper filed on behalf of holder, and shall also so deliver, as promptly as possible, a copy of each similar pleading served on holder or filed in the cause by any other party thereto. Notice of, or motion for, continuance and orders thereon are excepted from the foregoing.

(b) A copy of a notice of sale under power by a holder or one acting at his or her behest (e.g., trustee or public official) shall be similarly delivered to the Secretary at or before the date of first publication, posting, or other notice, but in any event, except in emergency or when waived by the Secretary, not less than 10 days prior to date of sale. Copy of any other notice of sale served on the holder or of which he or she has knowledge shall be similarly delivered to the Secretary, including any such notice of sale under tax or other superior lien or any judicial sale.

(c) The procedure prescribed in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section shall not be applicable in any proceeding to which the Secretary is a party, after the Secretary's appearance shall have been entered therein by a duly authorized attorney.

(d) In any legal or equitable proceeding (including probate and bankruptcy proceedings) to which the Secretary is a party, original process and any other process prior to appearance, proper to be served on the Secretary, shall be delivered to the loan guaranty officer of the office of the Department of Veterans Affairs having jurisdiction of the area in which the court is situated. Within the time required by applicable law, or rule of court, the Secretary will cause appropriate special or general appearance to be entered in the cause by the Secretary's authorized attorney.

(e) After appearance of the Secretary by attorney, all process and notice otherwise proper to serve on the Secretary before or after judgment, if served on the Secretary's attorney of record shall have the same effect as if the Secretary were personally served within the jurisdiction of the court.

(f) If following a default the holder does not begin appropriate action within 30 days after requested in writing by the Secretary to do so, or does not prosecute such action with reasonable diligence, the Secretary shall have the option to intervene in, or begin and prosecute to completion any action or proceeding, in the Secretary's name or in the name of the holder, which the Secretary deems necessary or appropriate, and may fix a date beyond which no further charges may be included in the computation of the guaranty claim. The Secretary shall pay, in advance if necessary, any court costs or other expenses incurred by the Secretary, or properly taxed against the Secretary, in any such action to which the Secretary is a party, but may charge the same, and also a reasonable amount for legal services, against the guaranteed indebtedness, or the proceeds of the sale of the security to the same extent as the holder (see § 36.4276), or otherwise collect from the holder any such expenses incurred by the Secretary because of the neglect or failure of the holder to take or complete proper action. The rights and remedies herein reserved are without prejudice to any other rights, remedies, or defenses, in law or in equity, available to the Secretary.

(g) The holder, no later than 10 days after it has repossessed a property, must advise the Secretary of such repossession. The holder shall proceed thereafter, within a reasonable time after repossession, to terminate the debtors' rights in the property. If it is a legal requirement or if the Secretary requires that the debtors' rights be terminated by public sale, the holder shall follow the procedures set forth in paragraph (b) of this section. Otherwise, the holder shall proceed in the manner set forth in § 36.4283(f).

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