38 CFR § 36.4406 - Reimbursement of costs and disbursement of grant funds.

§ 36.4406 Reimbursement of costs and disbursement of grant funds.

(a) After providing conditional approval of a specially adapted housing grant for an eligible individual pursuant to § 36.4405, the Secretary may authorize the incurrence, prior to obtaining final specially adapted housing grant approval, of preconstruction costs of the types and subject to the limits specified in this paragraph.

(1) Preconstruction costs to be incurred may not exceed 20 percent of the eligible individual's aggregate amount of assistance available, unless the individual is authorized by the Secretary in writing to incur specific preconstruction costs in excess of this 20 percent limitation. Preconstruction costs may include the following items:

(i) Architectural services employed for preparation of building plans and specifications.

(ii) Land surveys.

(iii) Attorneys' and other legal fees.

(iv) Other costs or fees necessary to plan for specially adapted housing grant use, as determined by the Secretary.

(2) If the Secretary authorizes final approval, the Secretary will pay out of the specially adapted housing grant the preconstruction costs that the Secretary authorized in advance. If the specially adapted housing grant process is terminated prior to final approval, preconstruction costs incurred that the Secretary authorized in advance will be reimbursed to the eligible individual, or the eligible individual's estate pursuant to paragraph(c) of this section, but will be deducted from the aggregate amount of assistance available and the reimbursement will constitute one of the six permitted grant usages (see § 36.4403).

(b) The Secretary will determine a method of disbursement that is appropriate and advisable in the interest of the eligible individual and the Government, and will pay the specially adapted housing grant accordingly. Disbursement of specially adapted housing grant proceeds generally will be made to third parties who have contracted with the veteran, to an escrow agent, or to the eligible individual's lender, as the Secretary deems appropriate. If the Secretary determines that it is appropriate and advisable, the Secretary may disburse specially adapted housing grant funds directly to an eligible individual where the eligible individual has incurred authorized preconstruction or construction-related costs and paid for such authorized costs using personal funds.

(c) Should an eligible individual die before the Secretary disburses the full specially adapted housing grant, the eligible individual's estate must submit to the Secretary all requests for reimbursement within one year of the date the Loan Guaranty Service learns of the eligible individual's death. Except where the Secretary determines that equity and good conscience require otherwise, the Secretary will not reimburse an eligible individual's estate for a request that has not been received by the Department of Veterans Affairs within this timeframe.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 2101(d))
[75 FR 56876, Sept. 17, 2010, as amended at 86 FR 56216, Oct. 8, 2021]