38 CFR § 36.4515 - Estate of veteran in real property.

§ 36.4515 Estate of veteran in real property.

(a) The estate in the realty acquired by the veteran, wholly or partly with the proceeds of a loan hereunder, or owned by the veteran and on which improvements on a farmhouse are to be financed by such loan, shall be not less than:

(1) A fee simple estate therein, legal or equitable; or

(2) A leasehold estate running or renewable at the option of the lessee for a period of not less than 14 years from the maturity of the loan, or to any earlier date at which the fee simple title will vest in the lessee, which is assignable or transferable, if the same be subjected to the lien; however, a leasehold estate which is not freely assignable and transferable will be considered an acceptable estate if it is determined by the Under Secretary for Benefits, or the Director, Loan Guaranty Service, (i) that such type of leasehold is customary in the area where the property is located; (ii) that a veteran or veterans will be prejudiced if the requirement for free assignability is adhered to and (iii) that the assignability and other provisions applicable to the leasehold estate are sufficient to protect the interests of the veteran and the Government and are otherwise acceptable; or

(3) A life estate, provided that the remainder and reversionary interests are subjected to the lien. The title to such estate shall be such as is acceptable to informed buyers, title companies, and attorneys, generally, in the community in which the property is situated, except as modified by paragraph (b) of this section; or

(4) A beneficial interest in a revocable Family Living Trust that ensures that the veteran, or veteran and spouse, have an equitable life estate, provided the lien attaches to any remainder interest and the trust arrangement is valid under State law.

(b) Any such property or estate will not fail to comply with the requirements in paragraph (a) of this section by reason of the following:

(1) Encroachments;

(2) Easements;

(3) Servitudes;

(4) Reservations for water, timber, or subsurface rights;

(5) Right in any grantor or cotenant in the chain of title, or a successor of either, to purchase for cash, which right by the terms thereof is exercisable only if:

(i) An owner elects to sell,

(ii) The option price is not less than the price at which the then owner is willing to sell to another, and

(iii) Exercised within 30 days after notice is mailed by registered mail to the address of optionee last known to the then owner, of the then owner's election to sell, stating the price and the identity of the proposed vendee;

(6) Building and use restrictions whether or not enforceable by a reverter clause if there has been no breach of the conditions affording a right to an exercise of the reverter;

(7) Any other covenant, condition, restriction, or limitation approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs in the particular case.

The limitations on the quantum or quality of the estate or property that are indicated in this paragraph, insofar as they may materially affect the value of the property for the purpose for which it is used, shall be taken into account in the appraisal of reasonable value.
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