38 CFR § 38.603 - Gifts and donations.

§ 38.603 Gifts and donations.

(a) Gifts and donations will be accepted only after it has been determined that the donor has a clear understanding that title thereto passes to, and is vested in, the United States, and that the donor relinquishes all control over the future use or disposition of the gift or donation, with the following exceptions:

(1) Carillons will be accepted with the condition that the donor will provide the maintenance and the operator or the mechanical means of operation. The time of operation and the maintenance will be coordinated with the superintendent of the national cemetery.

(2) Articles donated for a specific purpose and which are usable only for that purpose may be returned to the donor if the purpose for which the articles were donated cannot be accomplished.

(3) If the donor directs that the gift is donated for a particular use, those directions will be carried out insofar as they are proper and practicable and not in violation of Department of Veterans Affairs policy.

(4) When considered appropriate and not in conflict with the purpose of the national cemetery, the donor may be recognized by a suitable inscription on those gifts. In no case will the inscription give the impression that the gift is owned by, or that its future use is controlled by, the donor. Any tablet or plaque, containing an inscription will be of such size and design as will harmonize with the general nature and design of the gift.

(b) The Under Secretary of Memorial Affairs, or his designee, may solicit gifts and donations, which include monetary donations, in-kind goods and services, and personal property, or authorize the use of their names, the name of the Secretary, or the name of the Department of Veterans Affairs by an individual or organization in any campaign or drive for donation of money or articles to the Department of Veterans Affairs for the purpose of beautifying, or for the benefit of, one or more national cemeteries.

[70 FR 4769, Jan. 31, 2005, as amended at 81 FR 44795, July 11, 2016]