38 CFR § 38.720 - Grants—general.

§ 38.720 Grants—general.

(a) Grants. VA may award VLGP grants to eligible recipients selected under § 38.730 of this part.

(b) Maximum amounts. The maximum grant amount to be awarded to each grantee and the total maximum amount for all grants will be specified in the annually published NOFA.

(c) Number of grants awarded. The number of grants VA will award will depend on the total amount of grant funding available at VA's discretion and the funding amount awarded to each grantee, which is based on each grantee's proposal.

(d) Grant is not a course buyout. The grant funds shall not be used to substitute a class that an instructor is required to teach during an academic year.

(e) Matching requirement. VA will determine whether a grantee must provide matching funds as a condition of receiving a VLGP grant as set forth in the NOFA.

(f) Grant is not Veterans' benefit. The VLGP grant is not a Veterans' benefit. VA decisions on VLGP applications are final and not subject to the same appeal rights as Veterans' benefits decisions.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 501(d), 2400 note)