38 CFR § 59.2 - Definitions.

§ 59.2 Definitions.

For the purpose of this part:

Acquisition means the purchase of a facility in which to establish a State home for the provision of domiciliary and/or nursing home care to veterans.

Adult day health care is a therapeutically-oriented outpatient day program, which provides health maintenance and rehabilitative services to participants. The program must provide individualized care delivered by an interdisciplinary health care team and support staff, with an emphasis on helping participants and their caregivers to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to manage care requirements in the home. Adult day health care is principally targeted for complex medical and/or functional needs of elderly veterans.

Construction means the construction of new domiciliary or nursing home buildings, the expansion, remodeling, or alteration of existing buildings for the provision of domiciliary, nursing home, or adult day health care, or hospital care in State homes, and the provision of initial equipment for any such buildings.

Domiciliary care means providing shelter, food, and necessary medical care on an ambulatory self-care basis (this is more than room and board). It assists eligible veterans who are suffering from a disability, disease, or defect of such a degree that incapacitates veterans from earning a living, but who are not in need of hospitalization or nursing care services. It assists in attaining physical, mental, and social well-being through special rehabilitative programs to restore residents to their highest level of functioning.

Nursing home care means the accommodation of convalescents or other persons who are not acutely ill and not in need of hospital care, but who require skilled nursing care and related medical services.

Secretary means the Secretary of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

State means each of the several states, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa.

State representative means the official designated in accordance with State authority with responsibility for matters relating to the request for a grant under this part.

VA means the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 101, 501, 1710, 1742, 8105, 8131-8137)
[66 FR 33847, June 26, 2001, as amended at 75 FR 17860, Apr. 8, 2010]