38 CFR § 71.35 - General Caregivers.

§ 71.35 General Caregivers.

(a) A General Caregiver is a person who:

(1) Is not a Primary or Secondary Family Caregiver; and

(2) Provides personal care services to a covered veteran under this section, even if the individual does not reside with the veteran.

(b) A covered veteran, for purposes of this section, is a veteran who is enrolled in the VA health care system and needs personal care services because the veteran either:

(1) Is unable to perform an activity of daily living; or

(2) Needs supervision or protection based on symptoms or residuals of neurological or other impairment or injury.

(c) No application or clinical evaluation is required to obtain benefits as a General Caregiver. Veterans or General Caregivers may request any of the benefits listed in § 71.40(a) as needed, from the appropriate VA clinicians and staff at their local VA facilities.

(d) A veteran is not required to meet the eligibility requirements in § 71.20 to be considered a covered veteran.

[76 FR 26172, May 5, 2011, as amended at 80 FR 1377, Jan. 9, 2015. Redesignated and amended at 85 FR 46296, July 31, 2020]