39 CFR § 122.2 - Stand-alone special services.

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§ 122.2 Stand-alone special services.

(a) The service standard for P. O. Box TM service is that mail be available for pickup at the box each delivery day no later than the daily “up-time” publicly posted at the Post Office TM location that includes the box section.

(b) The service standard for completion of Address List Services (change-of-address information for election boards and registration commissions, correction and ZIP Code placement of mailing lists, and address sequencing) is transmission of the corrected addresses within 15 business days of receipt to the requester, except for the period from November 16 through January 1.

(c) For the domestic market-dominant mail products identified above in part 121, CONFIRM ® service allows subscribing customers to obtain electronic information regarding when and where mailpieces undergo barcode scans in mail processing operations. The service standard for the electronic provision of CONFIRM service scan information is that it be made available to the sender no later than 24 hours after the recorded time of the CONFIRM scan performed by the Postal Service.

(d) The service standard for Postal Money Order Inquiry service is transmission of a response to the customer's completed inquiry within 15 business days of receipt of the inquiry by the Postal Service, excluding designated postal holidays.

(e) The service standards for Stamp Fulfillment Services order fulfillment service is shipment of orders within the following timeframes, based from the time of order receipt within SFS systems, excluding designated postal holidays.

Stamp Fulfillment Services - Service Standards for Fulfillment Process

Customer order Service standard 1
Internet Orders: Non-Philatelic/Non-Custom ≤2 Business Days.
Business Level Orders ≤5 Business Days.
Philatelic/Custom and All Other Order Sources ≤10 Business Days.
[72 FR 72228, Dec. 19, 2007, as amended at 76 FR 61053, Oct. 3, 2011]