39 CFR § 222.3 - Other delegation.

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§ 222.3 Other delegation.

(a) Documentation. All delegations of authority must be officially documented.

(b) Position title. Delegations of authority must ordinarily be made by position title rather than by name of the individual involved. An officer or executive acting for a principal has the principal's full authority.

(c) Level. When authority is delegated to an officer, the officers above that officer shall have the same authority. Delegated authority does not extend to aides unless an aide is acting for the supervisor (see paragraph (b) of this section) or is specifically authorized by the superior to exercise such authority.

(d) Agreement with law. A delegation must agree with the law and regulations under which it is made and contain such specific limiting conditions as may be appropriate.

(e) Further delegation. Authority may be further delegated unless prohibited by law, a regulation that expressly prohibits further delegation, or terms of the delegation.