39 CFR § 243.2 - Quarters.

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§ 243.2 Quarters.

(a) Employee bulletin boards. Bulletin boards may be placed in workrooms and employees' lunchrooms for displaying notices as prescribed in this manual and Management Labor Organization Agreements.

(b) Location of offices. Postal units may not be located in, or directly connected to, a room in which intoxicating liquor is sold to be consumed on the premises.

(c) Lost articles. When articles are turned in to employees, the name and address of the finder shall be recorded so the article may be returned to him if not claimed by the loser. If the name of the finder cannot be obtained, and the article is not claimed within 30 days, it must be disposed of in the same manner as unidentified material found loose in the mail. Do not return postal money orders to the finder. Mail to Money Order Branch, Accounting Division, U.S. Postal Service, General Accounting Office Building, Washington, DC 20260, with a memorandum of explanation.

(d) Public use of restrooms. Restrooms off public corridors shall normally be kept open during regular hours of business for the benefit of the public. Where vandalism or loitering cannot be controlled, postmasters may lock restrooms, furnishing those agencies served by the restrooms, keys for employee use. This shall not be construed to permit access by nonpostal personnel to restrooms in restricted postal areas.

(e) Letter drops. At all except fourth-class post offices, provide a regulation letterbox for depositing mail in front of or next to the post office. Show collection time schedules on letterboxes. At fourth-class offices, if a letterbox is not supplied, provide a slot in the outer post office door. When messengers or star route carriers have access to lobbies, door slot deposits must lead to a locked box.

(f) Hour signs. Display hours of window service prominently at all first-, second-, and third-class post offices, classified stations and branches, and annexes. Use Sign 41, Hours decal set, available in supply centers.

(g) Service of process on postal premises. Postmasters or other installation heads shall permit service on postal premises of civil and criminal process affecting employees in personal matters, when such service of process will not interfere with postal operations. Process servers should be directed to the postmaster's or installation head's office, where the employee will be called in and service made. Section 265.11 of this chapter contains rules regarding compliance with subpoena duces tecum, court orders, and summonses where official business or official records are involved.

(h) Public service areas - prohibited items. Photographs of an incumbent or former President or Postmaster General are not to be displayed in post office lobbies or in common use public service areas such as elevator lobbies and corridors in facilities owned by or leased to the Postal Service. Further, such photographs are not to be requisitioned or purchased by postal installations at Postal Service expense.

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