39 CFR § 255.7 - Special arrangements for postal services.

§ 255.7 Special arrangements for postal services.

Members of the public who are unable to use or who have difficulty using certain postal services may be eligible under postal regulations for special arrangements. Some of the special arrangements that the Postal Service has authorized are listed below. No one is required to use any special arrangement offered by the Postal Service, but an individual's refusal to make use of a particular special arrangement does not require the Postal Service to offer other special arrangements to that individual.

(a) The Postal Operations Manual offers information on special arrangements for the following postal services:

(1) Carrier delivery services and programs.

(2) Postal retail services and programs.

(i) Stamps by mail or phone.

(ii) Retail service from rural carriers.

(iii) Self-service postal centers. Self-service postal centers contain vending equipment for the sale of stamps and stamp items, and deposit boxes for parcels and letter mail. Many centers are accessible to individuals in wheelchairs. Information regarding the location of the nearest center may be obtained from a local post office.

(b) The Domestic Mail Manual, the Administrative Support Manual, and the International Mail Manual contain information regarding postage-free mailing for mailings that qualify.

(c) Inquiries and requests. Members of the public wishing further information about special arrangements for particular postal services may contact their local postal manager.

(d) Response to a request or complaint regarding a special arrangement for postal services. A local postal manager receiving a request or complaint about a special arrangement for postal services must provide any arrangement as required by postal regulations. If no special arrangements are required by postal regulations, the local postal manager, in consultation with the district manager or area manager, as needed, may provide a special arrangement or take any action that will accommodate an individual with a disability as required by section 504 or by this part.