39 CFR § 4.6 - Secretary of the Board.

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§ 4.6 Secretary of the Board.

The Secretary of the Board of Governors is appointed by the Governors and serves at the pleasure of the Governors. The Secretary shall be responsible for carrying out the functions of the Office of the Board of Governors, under the direction of the Chairman of the Board. The Secretary shall also issue notices of meetings of the Board and its committees, keep minutes of these meetings, and take steps necessary for compliance with all statutes and regulations dealing with public observation of meetings. The Secretary shall perform all those duties incident to this office, including those duties assigned by the Board or by the Chairman of the Board. With the concurrence of the Board, the Chairman may designate the number and general qualifications of such assistant secretaries or other staff as may be necessary to perform any of the duties of the Secretary.

[86 FR 10013, Feb. 18, 2021]