39 CFR § 965.4 - Presiding officers.

§ 965.4 Presiding officers.

(a) The presiding officer shall be an Administrative Law Judge, an Administrative Judge qualified in accordance with law, or any other qualified person licensed to practice law designated by the Judicial Officer to preside over a proceeding conducted pursuant to this part. The Judicial Officer assigns cases under this part. Judicial Officer includes Associate Judicial Officer upon delegation thereto. The Judicial Officer may, on his or her own initiative or for good cause found, preside at the reception of evidence.

(b) The presiding officer has authority to:

(1) Take such action as may be necessary to preside properly over the proceeding and render decision therein;

(2) Render an initial decision, if the presiding officer is not the Judicial Officer; or if the presiding officer is the Judicial Officer, issue a tentative or a final decision or order.

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