40 CFR § 1.27 - Offices of the Associate Administrators.

§ 1.27 Offices of the Associate Administrators.

(a) Office of International Activities. The Office of International Activities, under the supervision of an Associate Administrator, provides direction to and supervision of the activities, programs, and staff assigned to the Office of International Activities. All of the functions and responsibilities of the Associate Administrator are Agencywide, and apply to all international activities of the Agency. The Office develops policies and procedures for the direction of the Agency's international programs and activities, subject to U.S. foreign policy, and assures that adequate program, scientific, and legal inputs are provided. It conducts continuing evaluations of the Agency's international activities and makes appropriate recommendations to the Administrator. The Office advises the Administrator and principal Agency officials on the progress and effect of foreign and international programs and issues. The Office serves as the Administrator's representative in contacts with the Department of State and other Federal agencies concerned with international affairs. It negotiates arrangements or understandings relating to international cooperation with foreign organizations. The Office coordinates Agency international contacts and commitments; serves as the focal point for responding to requests for information relating to EPA international activities; and provides an initial point of contact for all foreign visitors. The Office maintains liaison with all relevant international organizations and provides representation where appropriate. It establishes Agency policy, and approves annual plans and modifications for travel abroad and attendance at international conferences and events. It provides administrative support for the general activities of the Executive Secretary of the U.S. side of the US-USSR/PRC agreements on environmental protection and of the U.S. Coordinator for the NATO Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society. The Office supervises these programs with respect to activities which are completely within the purview of EPA.

(b) Office of Regional Operations. The Office of Regional Operations, under the supervision of an Associate Administrator, reports directly to the Administrator and Deputy Administrator. The Office serves as the primary communications link between the Administrator/Deputy Administrator and the Regional Administrators. It provides a Headquarters focus for ensuring the involvement of Regions, or consideration of Regional views and needs, in all aspects of the Agency's work. The Office is responsible for assuring Regional participation in Agency decision-making processes, assessing the impact of Headquarters actions on Regional operations, and acting as ombudsman to resolve Regional problems on behalf of the Administrator. The Associate Administrator coordinates Regional issues, organizes Regional Administrator meetings and work groups; and coordinates Regional responses to specific issues. In addition, the Office is responsible for working with the Regional Offices to further the consistent application of national program policies by reinforcing existing administrative, procedural, and program policy mechanisms as well as through initiation of reviews of significant Regional issues of interest to the Administrator. It continually monitors responsiveness and compliance with established policies and technical needs through formal and informal contact and free dialogue. The Office initiates and conducts on-site field visits to study, analyze, and resolve problems of Regional, sectional, and national scale.