40 CFR § 1.39 - Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation.

§ 1.39 Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation.

The Assistant Administrator for Policy, Planning and Evaluation services as principal adviser to the Administrator on Agency policy and planning issues and as such is responsible for supervision and management of the following: Policy analysis; standards and regulations; and management strategy and evaluation. The Assistant Administrator represents the Administrator with Congress and the Office of Management and Budget, and other Federal agencies prescribing requirements for conduct for Government management activities.

(a) Office of Policy Analysis. The Office of Policy Analysis is under the supervision of a Director who performs the following functions on an Agencywide basis: economic analysis of Agency programs, policies, standards, and regulations, including the estimation of abatement costs; research into developing new benefits models; benefit-cost analyses; impact assessments; intermediate and long-range strategic studies; consultation and analytical assistance in the areas described above to senior policy and program officials and other offices in the Agency; development and coordination proposals for major new Agency initiatives; liaison with other agencies; universities, and interest groups on major policy issues and development of a coordinated Agency position; and development of integrated pollution control strategies for selected industrial and geographical areas.

(b) Office of Standards and Regulations. The Office of Standards and Regulations is under the supervision of a Director who is responsible for: involving the Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation (OPPE) in regulatory review; conducting technical and statistical analyses of proposed standards, regulations and guidelines; serving as the Agency focal point for identifying, developing and implementing alternatives to conventional “command and control” regulations; conducting analyses of Agency activities related to chemical substances and providing mechanisms for establishing regulatory priorities and resolving scientific issues affecting rulemaking; ensuring Agency compliance with the Paperwork Reduction Act; evaluating and reviewing all Agency information collection requests and activities, and, in cooperation with the Office of Administration and Resources Management and the Office of Management Systems and Evaluation, evaluating Agency management and uses of data for decision-making.

(c) Office of Management Systems and Evaluation. The Office of Management Systems and Evaluation is under the supervision of a Director who directs and coordinates the development, implementation and administration of Agencywide systems for planning, tracking, and evaluating the accomplishments of Agency programs. In consultation with other offices, the Office develops a long-range policy framework for Agency goals, and objectives, identifies strategies for achieving goals, establishes timetables for objectives, and ensures that programs are evaluated against their accomplishments of goals.

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