40 CFR § 1.61 - Regional Offices.

§ 1.61 Regional Offices.

Regional Administrators are responsible to the Administrator, within the boundaries of their Regions, for the execution of the Regional Programs of the Agency and such other responsibilities as may be assigned. They serve as the Administrator's prinicipal representatives in their Regions in contacts and relationships with Federal, State, interstate and local agencies, industry, academic institutions, and other public and private groups. Regional Administrators are responsible for:

(a) Accomplishing national program objectives within the Regions as established by the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, Assistant Administrators, Associate Administrators, and Heads of Headquarters Staff Offices;

(b) Developing, proposing, and implementing approved Regional programs for comprehensive and integrated environmental protection activities;

(c) Total resource management in their Regions within guidelines provided by Headquarters;

(d) Conducting effective Regional enforcement and compliance programs;

(e) Translating technical program direction and evaluation provided by the various Assistant Administrators, Associate Administrators and Heads of Headquarters Staff Offices, into effective operating programs at the Regional level, and assuring that such programs are executed efficiently;

(f) Exercising approval authority for proposed State standards and implementation plans; and

(g) Providing for overall and specific evaluations of Regional programs, both internal Agency and State activities.