40 CFR § 1036.625 - In-use compliance with family emission limits (FELs).

§ 1036.625 In-use compliance with family emission limits (FELs).

Section 1036.225 describes how to change the FEL for an engine family during the model year. This section, which describes how you may ask us to increase an engine family's FEL after the end of the model year, is intended to address circumstances in which it is in the public interest to apply a higher in-use FEL based on forfeiting an appropriate number of emission credits. For example, this may be appropriate where we determine that recalling vehicles would not significantly reduce in-use emissions. We will generally not allow this option where we determine the credits being forfeited would likely have expired.

(a) You may ask us to increase an engine family's FEL after the end of the model year if you believe some of your in-use engines exceed the CO2 FEL that applied during the model year (or the CO2 emission standard if the family did not generate or use emission credits). We may consider any available information in making our decision to approve or deny your request.

(b) If we approve your request under this section, you must apply emission credits to cover the increased FEL for all affected engines. Apply the emission credits as part of your credit demonstration for the current production year. Include the appropriate calculations in your final report under § 1036.730.

(c) Submit your request to the Designated Compliance Officer. Include the following in your request:

(1) Identify the names of each engine family that is the subject of your request. Include separate family names for different model years.

(2) Describe why your request does not apply for similar engine models or additional model years, as applicable.

(3) Identify the FEL(s) that applied during the model year and recommend a replacement FEL for in-use engines; include a supporting rationale to describe how you determined the recommended replacement FEL.

(4) Describe whether the needed emission credits will come from averaging, banking, or trading.

(d) If we approve your request, we will identify the replacement FEL. The value we select will reflect our best judgment to accurately reflect the actual in-use performance of your engines, consistent with the testing provisions specified in this part. We may apply the higher FELs to other engine families from the same or different model years to the extent they used equivalent emission controls. We may include any appropriate conditions with our approval.

(e) If we order a recall for an engine family under 40 CFR 1068.505, we will no longer approve a replacement FEL under this section for any of your engines from that engine family, or from any other engine family that relies on equivalent emission controls.

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