40 CFR § 1068.520 - How do I notify affected owners?

§ 1068.520 How do I notify affected owners?

(a) Notify owners by first class mail or e-mail unless we say otherwise. We may require you to use certified mail. Include the following in your notice:

(1) State: “The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has determined that your engine/equipment may be emitting pollutants in excess of the federal emission standards as defined in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations. These emission standards were established to protect the public health or welfare from air pollution.”

(2) State that you (or someone you designate) will repair these engines/equipment at your expense.

(3) If we approved maintenance and use conditions in your remedial plan, state that you will make these repairs only if owners show their engines/equipment meet the conditions for proper maintenance and use. Describe these conditions and how owners should prove their engines/equipment are eligible for repair.

(4) Describe the components your repair will affect and say generally how you will repair the engines/equipment.

(5) State that the engine/equipment, if not repaired, may fail an emission inspection test if state or local law requires one.

(6) Describe any adverse effects on its performance or driveability that would be caused by not repairing the engine/equipment.

(7) Describe any adverse effects on the functions of other components that would be caused by not repairing the engine/equipment.

(8) Specify the date you will start the repairs, the amount of time you will need to do them, and where you will do them. Include any other information owners may need to know.

(9) Allow for the owner to inform you using one of the following methods if they have sold the engine/equipment:

(i) Send a self-addressed card that owners can mail back to you; include a space for owners to write the name and address of a buyer.

(ii) Provide owners with a toll-free number and an e-mail address or Web site they can use to identify the name and address of a buyer.

(10) State that owners should call you at a phone number you give to report any difficulty in obtaining repairs.

(11) State: “To ensure your full protection under the emission warranty on your [engine/equipment] by federal law, and your right to participate in future recalls, we recommend you have your [engine/equipment] serviced as soon as possible. We may consider your not servicing it to be improper maintenance.”

(b) We may require you to add information to your notice or to send more notices if we determine this is reasonable and necessary to ensure an effective recall.

(c) You may not in any communication with owners or dealers say or imply that your noncompliance does not exist or that it will not degrade air quality.

[73 FR 59344, Oct. 8, 2008, as amended at 81 FR 74233, Oct. 25, 2016]