40 CFR § 108.2 - Definitions.

§ 108.2 Definitions.

As used in this part, the term:

(a)Act means the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended;

(b)Effluent limitation means any effluent limitation which is established as a condition of a permit issued or proposed to be issued by a State or by the Environmental Protection Agency pursuant to section 402 of the Act; any toxic or pretreatment effluent standard established under section 307 of the Act; any standard of performance established under section 306 of the Act; and any effluent limitation established under section 302, section 316, or section 318 of the Act.

(c)Order means any order issued by the Administrator under section 309 of the Act; any order issued by a State to secure compliance with a permit, or condition thereof, issued under a program approved pursuant to section 402 of the Act; or any order issued by a court in an action brought pursuant to section 309 or section 505 of the Act.

(d)Party means an employee filing a request under § 108.3, any employee similarly situated, the employer of any such employee, and the Regional Administrator or his designee.

(e)Administrator or Regional Administrator means the Administrator or a Regional Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.