40 CFR § 1090.1360 - Performance-based Measurement System.

§ 1090.1360 Performance-based Measurement System.

(a) The Performance-based Measurement System (PBMS) is an approach that allows for laboratory testing with any procedure that meets specified performance criteria. This subpart specifies the performance criteria for measuring certain fuel parameters to demonstrate compliance with the standards and other specifications of this part. These provisions do not apply to process stream analyzers used with in-line blending.

(b) Different requirements apply for absolute fuel parameters and method-defined fuel parameters.

(1) Absolute fuel parameters are those for which it is possible to evaluate measurement accuracy by comparing measured values of a test sample to a reference sample with a known value for the measured parameter. The following are absolute fuel parameters:

(i) Sulfur. This applies for measuring sulfur in any fuel, fuel additive, or regulated blendstock.

(ii) [Reserved]

(2) Method-defined fuel parameters are all those that are not absolute fuel parameters. Additional test provisions apply for method-defined fuel parameters under this section because there is no reference sample for evaluating measurement accuracy.

(c) The performance criteria of this section apply as follows:

(1) Section 1090.1365 specifies the initial qualifying criteria for all measurement procedures. You may use an alternative procedure only if testing shows that you meet the initial qualifying criteria.

(2) Section 1090.1375 specifies ongoing quality testing requirements that apply for a laboratory that uses either referee procedures or alternative procedures.

(3) Streamlined requirements for alternative procedures apply for procedures adopted by a voluntary consensus standards body (VCSB). Certification testing with non-VCSB procedures requires advance approval by EPA. Procedures are considered non-VCSB testing as follows:

(i) Procedures developed by individual companies or other parties are considered non-VCSB procedures.

(ii) Draft procedures under development by a VCSB organization are considered non-VCSB procedures until they are approved for publication.

(iii) A published procedure is considered non-VCSB for testing with fuel parameters that fall outside the range of values covered in the research report of the ASTM D6708 (incorporated by reference in § 1090.95) assessment comparing candidate alternative procedures to the referee procedure specified in paragraph (d) of this section.

(4) You may use updated versions of the referee procedures as alternative procedures subject to the limitations of § 1090.1365(a)(2). You may ask EPA for approval to use an updated version of the referee procedure for qualifying other alternative procedures if the updated referee procedure has the same or better repeatability and reproducibility compared to the version specified in § 1090.95. If the updated procedure has worse repeatability or reproducibility compared to the earlier version, you must complete the required testing specified in § 1090.1365 using the older, referenced version of the referee procedure.

(5) Any laboratory may use the specified referee procedure without qualification testing. To use alternative procedures at a given laboratory, you must perform the specified testing to demonstrate compliance with precision and accuracy requirements, with the following exceptions:

(i) Testing you performed to qualify alternative procedures under 40 CFR part 80 continues to be valid for making the demonstrations required in this part.

(ii) Qualification testing is not required for a laboratory that measures the benzene content of gasoline using Procedure B of ASTM D3606 (incorporated by reference in § 1090.95). However, qualification testing may be necessary for updated versions of this procedure as specified in § 1090.1365(a)(2).

(d) Referee procedures are presumed to meet the initial qualifying criteria in this section. You may use alternative procedures if you qualify them using the referee procedures as a benchmark as specified in § 1090.1365. The following are the referee procedures:

Table 1 to Paragraph (d)—Referee Procedures for Qualifying Alternative Procedures

Tested product Parameter Referee procedure 1
ULSD, 500 ppm diesel fuel, ECA marine fuel, gasoline Sulfur ASTM D2622.
Butane Sulfur ASTM D6667.
Gasoline oxygenate content ASTM D5599.
Gasoline RVP ASTM D5191, except as specified in § 1090.1355(a).
Gasoline benzene ASTM D5769.

1 ASTM specifications are incorporated by reference, see § 1090.95.