40 CFR § 124.1 - Purpose and scope.

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§ 124.1 Purpose and scope.

(a) This part contains EPA procedures for issuing, modifying, revoking and reissuing, or terminating all RCRA, UIC, PSD and NPDES “ permits” (including “sludge-only” permits issued pursuant to § 122.1(b)(2) of this chapter. The latter kinds of permits are governed by part 270. RCRA interim status and UIC authorization by rule are not “ permits” and are covered by specific provisions in parts 144, subpart C, and 270. This part also does not apply to permits issued, modified, revoked and reissued or terminated by the Corps of Engineers. Those procedures are specified in 33 CFR parts 320-327. The procedures of this part also apply to denial of a permit for the active life of a RCRA hazardous waste management facility or unit under § 270.29.

(b) Part 124 is organized into five subparts. Subpart A contains general procedural requirements applicable to all permit programs covered by these provisions. Subparts B through D and Subpart G supplement these general provisions with requirements that apply to only one or more of the programs. Subpart A describes the steps EPA will follow in receiving permit applications, preparing draft permits, issuing public notice, inviting public comment and holding public hearings on draft permits. Subpart A also covers assembling an administrative record, responding to comments, issuing a final permit decision, and allowing for administrative appeal of the final permit decisions. Subpart B contains public participation requirements applicable to all RCRA hazardous waste management facilities. Subpart C contains definitions and specific procedural requirements for PSD permits. Subpart D contains specific procedural requirements for NPDES permits. Subpart G contains specific procedural requirements for RCRA standardized permits, which, in some instances, change how the General Program Requirements of subpart A apply in the context of the RCRA standardized permit.

(c) Part 124 offers an opportunity for public hearings (see § 124.12).

(d) This part is designed to allow permits for a given facility under two or more of the listed programs to be processed separately or together at the choice of the Regional Administrator. This allows EPA to combine the processing of permits only when appropriate, and not necessarily in all cases. The Regional Administrator may consolidate permit processing when the permit applications are submitted, when draft permits are prepared, or when final permit decisions are issued. This part also allows consolidated permits to be subject to a single public hearing under § 124.12. Permit applicants may recommend whether or not their applications should be consolidated in any given case.

(e) Certain procedural requirements set forth in part 124 must be adopted by States in order to gain EPA approval to operate RCRA, UIC, NPDES, and 404 permit programs. These requirements are listed in §§ 123.25 (NPDES), 145.11 (UIC), 233,26 (404), and 271.14 (RCRA) and signaled by the following words at the end of the appropriate part 124 section or paragraph heading: (applicable to State programs see §§ 123.25 (NPDES), 145.11 (UIC), 233.26 (404), and 271.14 (RCRA)). Part 124 does not apply to PSD permits issued by an approved State.

(f) To coordinate decisionmaking when different permits will be issued by EPA and approved State programs, this part allows applications to be jointly processed, joint comment periods and hearings to be held, and final permits to be issued on a cooperative basis whenever EPA and a State agree to take such steps in general or in individual cases. These joint processing agreements may be provided in the Memorandum of Agreement developed under §§ 123.24 (NPDES), 145.24 (UIC), 233.24 (404), and 271.8 (RCRA).

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