40 CFR § 13.23 - Salary offset when EPA is not the creditor agency.

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§ 13.23 Salary offset when EPA is not the creditor agency.

The requirements below apply when EPA has been requested to collect a debt owed by an EPA employee to another Federal agency.

(a) Format for the request for recovery.

(1) The creditor agency must complete fully the appropriate claim form specified by OPM.

(2) The creditor agency must certify to EPA on the debt claim form: The fact that the employee owes a debt; the date that the debt first accrued; and that the creditor agency's regulations implementing 5 U.S.C. 5514 have been approved by OPM and send it to the Director, Financial Management Division (2734R), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460.

(3) If the collection is to be made in installments, the creditor agency must also advise EPA of the number of installments to be collected, the amount of each installment, and the commencement date of the first installment, if a date other than the next established pay period.

(4) Unless the employee has consented in writing to the salary deductions or signed a statement acknowledging receipt of the required procedures and this information is attached to the claim form, the creditor agency must indicate the actions it took under its procedures for salary offset and the dates of such actions.

(b) Processing of the claim by EPA—(1) Incomplete claims. If EPA receives an improperly completed claim form, the claim form and all accompanying material will be returned to the requesting (creditor) agency with notice that OPM procedures must be followed and a properly completed claim form must be received before any salary offset can be taken. The notice should identify specifically what is needed from the requesting agency for the claim to be processed.

(2) Complete claims. If the claim procedures in paragraph (a) of this section have been properly completed, deduction will begin on the next established pay period. EPA will not review the merits of the creditor agency's determinations with respect to the amount or validity of the debt as stated in the debt claim form. EPA will not assess a handling or any other related charge to cover the cost of its processing the claim.

(c) Employees separating from EPA before a debt to another agency is collected—(1) Employees separating from Government service. If an employee begins separation action before EPA collects the total debt due the creditor agency, the following actions will be taken:

(i) To the extent possible, the balance owed the creditor agency will be liquidated from subsequent payments of any nature due the employee from EPA in accordance with § 13.22(1);

(ii) If the total amount of the debt cannot be recovered, EPA will certify to the creditor agency and the employee the total amount of EPA's collection; and

(iii) If EPA is aware that the employee is entitled to payments from the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund or other similar payments, it will forward a copy of the claim form to the agency responsible for making such payments as notice that a debt is outstanding. EPA will also send a copy of the claim form to the creditor agency so that it can file a certified claim against the payments.

(2) Employees who transfer to another Federal agency. If an EPA employee transfers to another Federal agency before EPA collects the total amount due the creditor agency, the following actions will be taken:

(i) EPA will certify the total amount of the collection made on the debt; and

(ii) The employee's official personnel folder will be sent to the new paying agency. (It is the responsibility of the creditor agency to ensure that the collection is resumed by the new paying agency.)