40 CFR § 14.12 - Principal types of unallowable claims.

§ 14.12 Principal types of unallowable claims.

Claims that ordinarily will not be allowed include:

(a) Loss or damage totaling less than $25;

(b) Money or currency, except when deposited with an authorized government agency for safekeeping;

(c) Loss or damage to an item of extraordinary value or to an antique where the item was shipped with household goods, unless the employee filed a valid appraisal or authentication with the carrier prior to shipment of the item;

(d) Loss of bankbooks, checks, notes, stock certifications, money orders, or travelers checks;

(e) Property owned by the United States unless the employee is financially responsible for it to another government agency;

(f) Claims for loss or damage to a bicycle or a private motor vehicle, unless allowable under § 14.11(b)(6);

(g) Losses of insurers or subrogees;

(h) Losses recoverable from insurers or carriers;

(i) Losses recovered or recoverable pursuant to contract;

(j) Claims for damage or loss caused, in whole or in part, by the negligent or wrongful acts of the employee or his/her agent;

(k) Property used for personal business or profit;

(l) Theft from the possession of the employee unless the employee took reasonable precautions to protect the item from theft;

(m) Property acquired, possessed or transported in violation of law or regulations;

(n) Unserviceable property; or

(o) Damage or loss to an item during shipment of household goods where the damage or loss was caused by the employee's negligence in packing the item.