40 CFR § 141.171 - Criteria for avoiding filtration.

§ 141.171 Criteria for avoiding filtration.

In addition to the requirements of § 141.71, a public water system subject to the requirements of this subpart that does not provide filtration must meet all of the conditions of paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section.

(a) Site-specific conditions. In addition to site-specific conditions in § 141.71(b), systems must maintain the watershed control program under § 141.71(b)(2) to minimize the potential for contamination by Cryptosporidium oocysts in the source water. The watershed control program must, for Cryptosporidium:

(1) Identify watershed characteristics and activities which may have an adverse effect on source water quality; and

(2) Monitor the occurrence of activities which may have an adverse effect on source water quality.

(b) During the onsite inspection conducted under the provisions of § 141.71(b)(3), the State must determine whether the watershed control program established under § 141.71(b)(2) is adequate to limit potential contamination by Cryptosporidium oocysts. The adequacy of the program must be based on the comprehensiveness of the watershed review; the effectiveness of the system's program to monitor and control detrimental activities occurring in the watershed; and the extent to which the water system has maximized land ownership and/or controlled land use within the watershed.