40 CFR § 141.4 - Variances and exemptions.

§ 141.4 Variances and exemptions.

(a) Variances or exemptions from certain provisions of these regulations may be granted pursuant to sections 1415 and 1416 of the Act and subpart K of part 142 of this chapter (for small system variances) by the entity with primary enforcement responsibility, except that variances or exemptions from the MCLs for total coliforms and E. coli and variances from any of the treatment technique requirements of subpart H of this part may not be granted.

(b) EPA has stayed the effective date of this section relating to the total coliform MCL of § 141.63(a) for systems that demonstrate to the State that the violation of the total coliform MCL is due to a persistent growth of total coliforms in the distribution system rather than fecal or pathogenic contamination, a treatment lapse or deficiency, or a problem in the operation or maintenance of the distribution system. This is stayed until March 31, 2016, at which time the total coliform MCL is no longer effective.

Note to paragraph (a):

As provided in § 142.304(a), small system variances are not available for rules addressing microbial contaminants, which would include subparts H, P, S, T, W, and Y of this part.

[78 FR 10346, Feb. 13, 2013]

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