40 CFR § 152.168 - Advertising of restricted use products.

§ 152.168 Advertising of restricted use products.

(a) Any product classified for restricted use shall not be advertised unless the advertisement contains a statement of its restricted use classification.

(b) The requirement in paragraph (a) of this section applies to all advertisements of the product, including, but not limited, to:

(1) Brochures, pamphlets, circulars and similar material offered to purchasers at the point of sale or by direct mail.

(2) Newspapers, magazines, newsletters and other material in circulation or available to the public.

(3) Broadcast media such as radio and television.

(4) Telephone advertising.

(5) Billboards and posters.

(c) The requirement may be satisfied for printed material by inclusion of the statement “Restricted Use Pesticide,” or the terms of restriction, prominently in the advertisement. The requirement may be satisfied with respect to broadcast or telephone advertising by inclusion in the broadcast of the spoken words “Restricted use pesticide,” or a statement of the terms of restriction.

(d) The requirements of this section shall be effective:

(1) After 270 days after the effective date of restriction of a product that is currently registered, unless the Agency specifies a shorter time period;

(2) Upon the effective date of registration of a product not currently registered.

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