40 CFR § 158.2201 - Antimicrobial use patterns.

§ 158.2201 Antimicrobial use patterns.

(a) Antimicrobial use patterns. The 12 general use patterns used in the data tables in this subpart are:

(1) Agricultural premises and equipment.

(2) Food-handling/storage establishments, premises and equipment.

(3) Commercial, institutional and industrial premises and equipment.

(4) Residential and public access premises.

(5) Medical premises and equipment.

(6) Human drinking water systems.

(7) Materials preservatives.

(8) Industrial processes and water systems.

(9) Antifoulant paints and coatings.

(10) Wood preservatives.

(11) Swimming pools.

(12) Aquatic areas.

(b) Use site index. The Pesticide Use Site Index for Antimicrobial Pesticides is a comprehensive list of specific antimicrobial use sites. The Index associates antimicrobial use sites with one or more of the 12 antimicrobial use patterns. It is to be used in conjunction with the data tables in this subpart to determine the applicability of data requirements to specific uses. The Antimicrobial Pesticide Use Site Index, which will be updated periodically, is available from the Agency or may be obtained from the Agency's Web site at http://www.epa.gov/pesticides.