40 CFR § 162.151 - Definitions.

§ 162.151 Definitions.

Terms used in this part have the same meaning as in the Act and part 152 of this chapter. In addition, as used in this subpart, the following terms shall apply:

Federally registered means currently registered under section 3 of the Act, after having been initially registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act of 1947 by the Secretary of Agriculture or under FIFRA by the Administrator.

Manufacturing-use product means any pesticide product other than a product to be labeled with directions for end use. This term includes any product intended for use as a pesticide after reformulation or repackaging.

New product means a pesticide product which is not a federally registered product.

Pest problem means:

(1) A pest infestation and its consequences, or

(2) Any condition for which the use of plant regulators, defoliants, or desiccants would be appropriate.

Product or pesticide product means a pesticide offered for distribution and use, and includes any labeled container and any supplemental labeling.

Similar composition means a pesticide product which contains only the same active ingredient(s), or combinations of active ingredients, and which is in the same toxicity category, as defined in § 156.62 of this chapter, as a federally registered pesticide product.

Similar product means a pesticide product which, when compared to a federally registered product, has a similar composition and a similar use pattern.

Similar use pattern means a use of a pesticide product which, when compared to a federally registered use of a product with a similar composition, does not require a change in precautionary labeling under part 156 of this chapter, and which is substantially the same as the federally registered use. Registrations involving changed use patterns are not included in this term.

Special local need means an existing or imminent pest problem within a State for which the State lead agency, based upon satisfactory supporting information, has determined that an appropriate federally registered pesticide product is not sufficiently available.

State or State lead agency means the State agency designated by the State to be responsible for registering pesticides to meet special local needs under section 24(c) of the Act.

[73 FR 75597, Dec. 12, 2008]