40 CFR § 162.156 - General requirements.

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§ 162.156 General requirements.

(a) Requirements for distribution and use.

(1) Any product whose State registration has been issued in accordance with §§ 162.152 and 162.153 may be distributed and used in that State, subject to the following provisions of the Act and the regulations promulgated thereunder:

(i) Sec. 12(a)(1) (A) through (E), in accordance with:

(A) Sec. 2(q)(1) (A) through (G).

(B) Sec. 2(q)(2) (A) through (D).

(ii) Sec. 12(a)(2) (A) through (G) and (I) through (P).

(2) A product or use classified by a State for restricted use under § 162.153(g) may be used only by, or under the direct supervision of, an applicator certified under a plan approved by EPA in accordance with sec. 4 of FIFRA.

(3) State registrations which are not issued in accordance with § 162.152 (a) and (b)(2) (i), (ii) and (iii) are not authorized by section 24(c) and are not considered valid for any purposes under FIFRA. When the Administrator determines that a registration is invalid, the Administrator shall notify the registering State that the registration is invalid, and may specify the reason for the invalidity.

(b) Establishment registration requirements. No person may produce any pesticide, including any pesticide registered by a State under section 24(c), unless the establishment in which it is produced is registered by the Administrator in accordance with sec. 7 of FIFRA and 40 CFR part 167.

(c) Books and records requirements. All producers of pesticides, including those producers of pesticides registered by States under sec. 24(c), must maintain records in accordance with the requirements imposed under sec. 8 of FIFRA and 40 CFR part 169.