40 CFR § 168.85 - Other export requirements.

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§ 168.85 Other export requirements.

This section describes other requirements found in regulations that apply to exporters of pesticides, devices, and active ingredients used in producing a pesticide.

(a) Recordkeeping and inspection. Exporters of pesticides, devices and active ingredients must keep records and permit inspections of those records in accordance with part 169 of this chapter. Exporters must keep records of the product labeling used, including the EPA registered labeling, any foreign labeling on or attached to the product when shipped, and, as applicable, any supplemental labeling used. Producers of pesticides for export shall maintain these records in a manner that shows exactly which labels and labeling accompanied each shipment of a pesticide product to a foreign country. As stated at § 168.75(c), when research product identity information appears on the labeling in an encoded manner, information translating the code shall be maintained in records. These records shall be maintained for the time period required by § 169.2(h) of this chapter following the last export of such pesticides. All records required by part 169 of this chapter shall be made available for inspection and copying by EPA or its duly authorized representatives.

(b) Pesticide production establishment requirements. Exporters of pesticides, devices, and active ingredients must submit annual reports to EPA in accordance with part 167 of this chapter, concerning those products that are exported. All products required to be labeled “Not Registered for Use in the United States of America” must be reported as unregistered production regardless of whether a purchaser acknowledgement statement is required.