40 CFR § 170.203 - Exceptions.

§ 170.203 Exceptions.

Exceptions. This subpart does not apply when any pesticide is handled for use on an agricultural establishment in the following circumstances:

(a) For mosquito abatement, Mediterranean fruit fly eradication, or similar wide-area public pest control programs sponsored by governmental entities.

(b) On livestock or other animals, or in or about animal premises.

(c) On plants grown for other than commercial or research purposes, which may include plants in habitations, home fruit and vegetable gardens, and home greenhouses.

(d) On plants that are in ornamental gardens, parks, and public or private lawns and grounds and that are intended only for aesthetic purposes or climatic modification.

(e) In a manner not directly related to the production of agricultural plants, including, but not limited to, structural pest control, control of vegetation along rights-of-way and in other noncrop areas, and pasture and rangeland use.

(f) For control of vertebrate pests.

(g) As attractants or repellents in traps.

(h) On the harvested portions of agricultural plants or on harvested timber.

(i) For research uses of unregistered pesticides.

[57 FR 38151, Aug. 21, 1992. Redesignated at 60 FR 21952, May 3, 1995]