40 CFR § 170.210 - Restrictions during applications.

§ 170.210 Restrictions during applications.

(a) Contact with workers and other persons. The handler employer and the handler shall assure that no pesticide is applied so as to contact, either directly or through drift, any worker or other person, other than an appropriately trained and equipped handler.

(b) Handlers handling highly toxic pesticides. The handler employer shall assure that any handler who is performing any handling activity with a product that has the skull and crossbones symbol on the front panel of the label is monitored visually or by voice communication at least every 2 hours.

(c) Fumigant applications in greenhouses. The handler employer shall assure:

(1) That any handler who handles a fumigant in a greenhouse, including a handler who enters the greenhouse before the acceptable inhalation exposure level or ventilation criteria have been met to monitor air levels or to initiate ventilation, maintains continuous visual or voice contact with another handler.

(2) That the other handler has immediate access to the personal protective equipment required by the fumigant labeling for handlers in the event entry into the fumigated greenhouse becomes necessary for rescue.