40 CFR § 1700.9 - No-discharge zones by State prohibition.

§ 1700.9 No-discharge zones by State prohibition.

(a) A State seeking to establish a no-discharge zone by State prohibition must send to the Administrator the following information:

(1) The discharge from § 1700.4 or § 1700.5 to be prohibited within the no-discharge zone.

(2) A detailed description of the waterbody, or portions thereof, to be included in the prohibition. The description must include a map, preferably a USGS topographic quadrant map, clearly marking the zone boundaries by latitude and longitude.

(3) A determination that the protection and enhancement of the waters described in paragraph (a)(2) of this section require greater environmental protection than provided by existing Federal standards.

(4) A complete description of the facilities reasonably available for collecting the discharge including:

(i) A map showing their location(s) and a written location description.

(ii) A demonstration that the facilities have the capacity and capability to provide safe and sanitary removal of the volume of discharge being prohibited in terms of both vessel berthing and discharge reception.

(iii) The schedule of operating hours of the facilities.

(iv) The draft requirements of the vessel(s) that will be required to use the facilities and the available water depth at the facilities.

(v) Information showing that handling of the discharge at the facilities is in conformance with Federal law.

(5) Information on whether vessels other than those of the Armed Forces are subject to the same type of prohibition. If the State is not applying the prohibition to all vessels in the area, the State must demonstrate the technical or environmental basis for applying the prohibition only to Armed Forces vessels. The following information must be included in the technical or environmental basis for treating Armed Forces vessels differently:

(i) An analysis showing the relative contributions of the discharge from Armed Forces and non-Armed Forces vessels.

(ii) A description of State efforts to control the discharge from non-Armed Forces vessels.

(b) The information provided under paragraph (a) of this section must be sufficient to enable EPA to make the two determinations listed below. Prior to making these determinations, EPA will consult with the Secretary on the adequacy of the facilities and the operational impact of any prohibition on Armed Forces vessels.

(1) Adequate facilities for the safe and sanitary removal of the discharge are reasonably available for the specified waters.

(2) The prohibition will not have the effect of discriminating against vessels of the Armed Forces by reason of the ownership or operation by the Federal Government, or the military function, of the vessels.

(c) EPA will notify the State in writing of the result of the determinations under paragraph (b) of this section, and will provide a written explanation of any negative determinations. A no-discharge zone established by State prohibition will not go into effect until EPA determines that the conditions of paragraph (b) of this section have been met.