40 CFR § 178.70 - Administrative record.

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§ 178.70 Administrative record.

(a) For purposes of judicial review, the record of an administrative proceeding that culminates in an order under § 178.37 consists of:

(1) The objection ruled on (and any request for hearing that was included with the objection).

(2) Any order issued under § 180.7(g) of this chapter to which the objection related, and:

(i) Any regulation or petition denial that was the subject of that order.

(ii) The petition to which such order responded.

(iii) Any amendment or supplement of the petition.

(iv) The data and information submitted in support of the petition.

(v) The notice of filing of the petition.

(3) Any order issued under § 180.29(f) of this chapter to which the objection related, the regulation that was the subject of that order, and each related Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.

(4) Any comments submitted by members of the public in response to the Notice of Filing or Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, any data or information submitted as part of the comments, the Administrator's response to comments and the documents or information relied on by the Administrator in issuing the regulation or order.

(5) All other documents or information submitted to the docket for the rulemaking in question.

(6) The order issued under § 178.37.

(b) The record will be closed as of the date of the Administrator's decision unless another date for closing of the record is specified in the order issued under § 178.37.

[55 FR 50291, Dec. 5, 1990, as amended at 70 FR 33359, June 8, 2005]